Management Phase

During the management phase players address long-term effects of the campaign.

Determine Battle Effects: After a battle players determine which team receives campaign points. Depending on the location the winning player may also receive new strategic effects.

After an assaulting player wins at a location with a base or an outpost, a destroyed sticker is marked at that location. Then the assaulting player receives campaign points equal to that locations victory point bonus value. for example Corelia is worth 2 campaign points.

After a player wins a battle as the defender with a base or outpost or at a system that is unoccupied the winning team receives one campaign point. Any rebel location that was previously marked “rebel Presence” is now marked as either a base or an outpost.

Gain Resources:
Each base provides 25 resource points and plus the resource bonus value. Each outpost generates 5 points plus the resource bonus value. These points are then split evenly across the players.

Construct New Bases and Outposts:

Fleets that won their battles may choose to build a base at that location. To build base a player spends 15 resource points or Zero points for an outpost. The rebel player then puts a rebel presence sticker there keeping secret if it is a base or outpost.

The imperial team are limited to the number of bases equal to twice their team members.

Rebels are limited to the number of bases equal to their team members plus one and outposts to the number as twice their team members.

Repairing Scarred ships and squadrons

Each player receives 30 refit points each campaign turn and can only be sent repairing the fleet from Scar Tokens. Refit points are limited to just this function and are not used for adding ships or upgrading ships with new cards. Any refit points that are not spent during the management phase are lost.

To remove a scar token it costs half the refit points or a combination of refit points and resource points of half that ships value rounded up. Do not include upgrades in this value just half the ships value on the card.

Upgrades and adding ships:
Players may move cards around there existing ships for free except for title cards. Players may spend Resource Points to add new ships or squadrons or to add upgrade cards to ships. A fleet should never exceed 500 points.

Fleets Beyond Repair
If the fleet is so battle torn a commander may retire that fleet. If a fleet is retired they lose all current resource points including the ones gained this management phase and then constructs a new 400 point fleet. The opposing players receive one campaign point.

Strategic Effects
Systems and outposts that have strategic Effects provide bonuses and advantages in various phases of the game.

Repair Yards- During Management Phase gain +5 refit points to be used in repairing a fleet.

Spynet-At the beginning of the battle phase teams receive Spynet Tokens equal to the number of locations with a base or outpost with this resource. Teams can dsitribute these tokens in any manner. After all ships are deployed you can use your Spynet token to Redeploy one friendly ship or two friendly squadrons to anyplace allowed by the games objective cards. If both players have Spynet Tokens the First player spends all of his first and then the second player.

Diplomats At the beginning of the strategy phase gain diplomat tokens based on the number of systems controlled with this resource. Then starting with the team that does not have initiative teams alternate in placing diplomats on unoccupied systems. Assaults may not be declared against these locations.

Skilled Spacers- At the beginning of the battle phase receive skilled spacer tokens based on number of locations controlled. They may be distributed to players in any manner. Before the First Player chooses the objectives, the Second Player may spend a Skilled Spacer card to temporarily replace on of his fleets objective cards with one of the same type. This may be conducted multiple times with multiple objective cards.

Management Phase

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