The Corellian Conflict

Round 1 Management Phase

Management Phase

Victory Campaign Points:

Rebels: 2 (two wins at an unoccupied space)
Imperials: 0

Initiative will switch to Imperials for next round

Points based on current influence and base configuration (same as start of the game)

Gain Resources: (these points may be used to upgrade/buy ships/build bases)

Resource Points:
Imperials: 131 (needs to be divided evenly between the fleets)
Rebels: 101 (also needs to be divided evenly)

Construct new bases and outposts:
Rebels have the option of building a Base or an Outpost at Crash’s Drift and Nubia. They keep this a secret on what they build but I will keep a separate tally for record keeping to ensure we are doing it right.

Rebel Influence will appear at Nubia.

Repair Ships (refit points. Can only be used to unscar ships)

Imperial Fleets: 40 Refit points (owns 1 repair yard) EACH fleet/player (both players get the 40)
Rebel Fleet: 55 refit points each fleet/player (owns 4 repair yards including the new one at Nubia not yet reflected on the spreadsheet.)

Expand Fleets:

Use resource points to upgrade/expand fleets or further unscar ships. Max fleet can have 500 points. Unspent Resource Points carry over to the next and are banked. I will add any unspent resource points to the spreadsheet.


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