The Corellian Conflict

Round 1: Imperials Assault on Crash's Drift


The Carrier fleet under the command of Moff Jerjerrod and anchored by 2 Victory class cruisers with Light Cruiser support and a swarm of squadrons. In response the rebels jumped in their assault fleet under the command of the legendary Admiral Ackbar at the helm of Home One with two torpedo boats with Corvettes in support.

The early battle favored the Imperials as they massed their fighters into a cluster impeding the torpedo boats run around the Victory’s cruiser flank. The Victory cruisers focussed their orders coordinating their squadrons eating away the defenses of the lead Scout Torpedo boats. The return fire from the Torpedo boats focused on the squadrons themselves but the nimble squads proved nimble. Home one plodded away behind the initial attack.

The Scout torpedo made a dash across the bow to the starboard side of the Victory Cruiser unloading a solid volley, but the move proved a poor choice. With all their defenses in place the captain thought he could withstand the devastating close range power of the Victory. With orders from the Victory Cruiser the squadrons unleashed another coordinated squadron strike on the Scout Torpedo boat eating their defences. With a final blast from the Victory Cruiser first blood was drawn.

While things seemed dower for the Rebels, Home One was entering the fray. With the Corvettes speeding around the starboard flank strafing the Victory cruisers, the second torpedo boat starting to pop fighters and then a massive barrage from Home One took a devastating toll on the Imperial fleet taking out the lead Victory Cruiser.


With the Victory Cruiser down the Corvettes flanked the second cruiser looking to hit their rear. With most of the Imperial Squadrons down, the Light Cruiser flew into the maw of the Torpedo boat and was destroyed from a close range blast.

The Corvettes at full speed, one flew off the battlefield and was summarily lost in space and considered destroyed. With Boba Fett being one of the last squadrons standing he was able to, in conjunction with the last Victory Cruiser take down the last Torpedo boat.

In the end, it was a substantial victory for the Rebellion.


walkersettle walkersettle

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