New Rules

Short Player Edges:

Several objective cards refer to the 3' edge of the play area becoming the player edges.  Place the set-up area  markers at the corners of the play area when playing with these objectives.  The set-up area is the entire play area.  Each players deployment zone is two range rulers from the players edge.

Dust Fields:

Is a new type of obstacle used when playing specific objectives.  Dust fields block line of site for ships squadrons treat it as obstructed.



Hull Zone.  A station is treated as a ship with one hull zone while it is attacking and defending.

Damage:  Station only receive face down damage cards.  No face-up cards.

Destroyed stations: Once destroyed they remain in play and are considered obstructions.

Firing Arc:  360 degrees

Line of sight:  Ships overlapping with the station cannot attack it.  LOS through a station is considered obsrtructed.

New Rules

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