Battle Phase

Determining Initiative: The Assaulting Player always has initiative.

Objectives: Depending on the location, the assaulting player will choose objectives from the pool made up of the three assigned to the defenders fleet and and specific campaign objective cards associated with the location. For example the system Talfaglio states Asteroids +2 objective cards. The defender would take two objectives he assigned to his fleet (during fleet creation) and then add in the asteroids objective. Then the assaulting player would choose from those three cards.

If it is a special assault we use the special assault objective cards.

If it is a base, the defender chooses one of the three base objective cards.

Scoring Battles: As per normal, fleet points based on destroyed ships and victory points where each victory point is worth the value on the objective card.

Tracking Fleet Condition:: Destroyed ships and squadrons are considered “scarred” and is recorded on the fleet roster. Ships that are deployed while scarred must discard a defense token. Squadrons that are deployed scarred start with one point of damage.

If a scarred ship or squadron are deployed scarred and destroyed again the ship and any upgrades are completely destroyed and removed from the fleet roster. Any named or unique cards may not be purchased again during the campaign.

If a scarred flagship is destroyed the fleet commander escapes and must be assigned to a new flagship.

Veterans: Any non-veteran ship or unique squadron that had a kill in the battle and conversely was not killed becomes a veteran and should be marked on the fleet sheet. During following battles veteran will be marked with a veteran token.

Once per battle:

Ships can spend their veteran token to gain one command token of their choice.
Squadrons can use their tokens to re-roll any and al of their dice.

Battle Phase

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