The Corellian Conflict

Round 1 Rebels Assault on Nubia

The newly formed Imperial base at Corfai had shut down the propaganda network to the systems in the Hyperspace lanes. As the Rebels look to secure more Shipyards they sent Commander Sato – Carrier Fleet to the system. Hoping for light resistance Sato was wrong…very very wrong being apposed by the Supreme Commander of Imperial Forces Vader and his dread fleet.Vader Fleet

The rebel forces quickly jumped from Hyperspace at the Nubia space stations. If they could control it long enough they may be able to outlast the firepower from Vader’s Imperial Star Destroyer and Gladiator class destroyer.

The Rebel dropped out of hyperspace in a close knit bunch all aligning to the space station. The Imperial deployed a flanking strategy sending their Imperial Star Destroyer (ISD) and Gladiator straight at the station, while off setting the Raider and Gozanti into flanking positions.

Round 1: Imperials gain early control
The imperials jumped out early to control the station with the ISD gaining control on the firs round using it’s blazing speed. The Rebels pushed Gallant Haven (Assault Frigate) straight at the station also at speed 3 but due to it’s medium size was not able to cover the same ground as the ISD. The rest of the fleet was right behind leaving the YT-1300s struggling to keep up with the fleet.


Round 2: First Blood

The action started early in round 2. The Yvaris (Nebulon B Escort Frigate) got off shots from it’s bow sending 3 long distance lasers into the front arc of the ISD. They were good shots landing hard and eating defenses of the ISD but they were the last shots the Yvaris took.

The return fire from the ISD was devastating. With the Yvaris just off the bow of the ISD on the port side, it received the full might of the Empire. The return fire knocked out its defenses first, leaving it only a maneuver defense which was negated by their short range. Stuck with no where to go, the Yvaris instantly erupted.


Meanwhile the Gallant Haven barreled forward at speed 3 striking the ISD and layering on damage and eating shields with its forward firing arc. The Pelta Command ship place itself halfway to the station with an asteroid just off its starboard bow for cover also took down some of the ISD shielding.

The Gladiator, headed for an asteroid, had to veer Port taking it out of range for his devastating port side lasers which have limited range. It was able to get shot off from its two long range lasers from the bow on the Pelta C. taking down a shield.

The Rebel squadrons lead by Hera Syndulla moved into position directly in front of the ISD for a few bombing runs eating more shields from the ISD.

The Imperials held the station for the second round.

Round 3: Vader goes BOOM

Round 3 started with the Pelta Command ship using it’s Rapid Launch Bays dropped bombers just off the port bow of the ISD. Fortunately the ISD had a Tie Bomber directly in front of the Pelta C. launch point engaging the squadrons. The Tie Bomber prevented Gold Squadron’s and Dagger Squadron from completing their bombing runs but paid for it with his life. Due to the ISD large front arc, the Pelta C got off another volley into the front putting more damage on the massive ship.

The ISD still at full speed barreled directly into the Gallant Haven with each taking another damage. The ISD was now down to 40% of its hull remaining and no shields practically anywhere but the stern. It released a scathing volley into Gallant Haven withering both its front and side shields in one go, but the superior shield technology of the Mon Calamari prevented any hull damage.

The Gallant Haven then plowed into the ISD putting more damage on the faltering hull. Then with one last volley the ISD hull cracked and was rendered inoperable.


The rebels took control of the space station.

Round 4: Mop-up

With the ISD out of action the Rebels had a firm grasp of the space station. The Gladiator got off a devastating shot on the GR-75 Shuttles but they had a shield energy surge that negated the entire attack and continued to repair the Gallant Haven. In the final conflict Gold Squadron was lost and another Tie Defender.

While still needing confirmation from the official Imperial report, rebel propaganda report:

Rebels win a campaign point

Scarred Ships:
Imperial Star Destroyer registered the kill on Yvaris
2 Tie Bombers (one named?) vanilla tie bomber registered kill on Gold squadron

The Yvaris – Nebulon B Escort Frigate
Gold Squadron – y wings

Veteran ships:
Gallant Haven for killing the ISD
Pelta Command ship for killing a tie defender


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